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Aquaculture and fish farming

Wave absorption (flexibility)
Non-toxic for fish
Good resistance to traction (27t/ml)
Long life

Sustainable aquaculture in flexible semi closed cages system : SCCS

Serge Ferrari has revolutionized sustainable aquaculture with its semi-closed cage technology to preserve the fish welfare: high value fish species are raised into a semi closed system sea-based with an efficient filtration of the water flow. 5 years of R&D have been invested to launch this very specific membrane dedicated to fish farming with incredible mechanical capacities and a durable coating with nontoxic certifications. After a first tried-and-tested prototype in Norway in 2015, Serge Ferrari has validated the real scale model with other projects worldwide in 2018. 

Closed cage farming results


Closed cage farming enables significant improvements of loss of fish: where standard death rate is about 20% for example, with the flexible close cage, the absence of parasites such as sea lice, stabilization of the level of oxygen gives the possibility to drop it by 10 !
To reduce even more the environmental footprint of fish farming, you have now the possibility to collect and process the sludge at the bottom of cage: to be dried and recycled into organic fertilizer. 
One more argument, is the quick return on investment and the expected lifespan of the technology of semi closed cage:  membrane is easily serviced between each production cycle, offering the cage an estimated life time of 10 years.

Rigid or flexible close cages? 

Tests carried out on the closed cages show better reliability than with rigid cages made from fibreglass and concrete. Also logitistic questions on installation site has to be taken in account : our flexible close cage will be 10 times to 100 times lighter. The flexibility of our membranes enables absorption of the energy of the waves, preventing damage. 

In 2018, Serge Ferrari has completed the creation of a world-wide network of installers of flexible close cages for Europe, South America, India, Australia.

Flexible semi-closed cage in Norway
success story

Flexible semi-closed cage in Norway

Membrane resistant to 3m waves and currents of 2 knots
Biobrane Aqua 2050