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Aquaculture and fish farming

Wave absorption (flexibility)
Non-toxic for fish
Good resistance to traction (27t/ml)
Long life

Sustainable aquaculture in flexible closed cages

Serge Ferrari has revolutionised sustainable aquaculture with its closed cage technology: fish are farmed in cages in the sea, kept separate from the external environment by a net and a flexible membrane. The membrane developed specifically for this aquaculture application has been validated on a closed cage prototype, used for three years in Norway. Since 2017, the technology has been deployed world-wide for other farmed fish species.

Closed cage farming results

Closed cage farming enables significant improvements on farmed fish death rates, the absence of parasites such as sea lice, stabilisation of the level of oxygen and optimised speed of growth. In terms of waste, the Serge Ferrari revolution means that the fish do not need any treatments, thanks to water filtration and easier reprocessing of the sludge at the bottom of the fish cage, which is collected, dried and recycled into organic fertiliser. The membrane is easily serviced between each production cycle, offering the cage an estimated life time of 10 years.

A sustainable solution for the future

Tests carried out on the closed cages show better reliability than with rigid cages made from fibreglass and concrete. The flexibility of our membranes enables absorption of the energy of the waves, preventing damage. 
In 2018, Serge Ferrari completed the creation of a world-wide network to distribute and install this solution.


EcoCage for aquaculture
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An EcoCage for efficient and responsible aquaculture

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