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Serge Ferrari, long lasting membranes for aquaculture

aquaculture serge ferrari
Serge Ferrari is one of the main actors of the aquaculture innovation wave. The only membrane producer with a range fully dedicated to the aquaculture industry. The company is leading the way for flexible semi-closed containment systems. 

In 2015, after 5 years of research and development in Ocean conditions, Serge Ferrari launched the first flexible semi-closed containment system in Norway for Sulefisk. This first pilot project of 6,000 m3 and 24 meters diameter, shows a strong behaviour against harsh environment after 4 years experimentation.

The industrial scale starts in 2018 with a 10,500 m3 and 38 meters diameter production cage. The system is now approved and available on the shelf with a long-term warranty.

Serge Ferrari feels very concerned about the latest delivery of flexible containment systems using non appropriate membrane that could damage this new facility. Among all types of tarpaulins available on the market, the majority is developed for multipurpose tasks : truck curtains, watertight pond layers... Not for ocean conditions.

Aware of this matter, Serge Ferrari developed a full range of products specially designed for the fish industry to ensure a real safety for workers, prevent breakthrough and escapes in rough ocean conditions.
Considering all these parameters, the company offers long-lasting membranes with expected lifetime up to ten years. Our products are abrasion resistant, non-toxic for the fish and easily washable while limiting the bio fooling adhesion.

In a semi closed cage, the flexible wall using a membrane should limit the extra weight applied on the ring to maintain the buoyancy of the system. This buoyancy can be challenged by the weight of the flexible “bag”, which is impacted by two main factors:  

  • A “low wicking” property on the fabric reduces the absorption of water by the weaving,
  • A limited elongation keeps a low water column pressure and maintain the original shape. 

This is only possible with the patented “précontraint” technology used on our flexible membranes Biobrane 1550 and 2050. Other laminated fabrics used for oil booms has been tested and shows worrying results. 

comparative aquacultureOur nine years’ experience and continuous improvement from the laboratory to the field, through tests and storms, ensure the best solution, safety and lifespan of the flexible membranes dedicated to the aquaculture industry. 
Serge Ferrari will be present at the Aqua Nor meeting from the 20th to the 23rd of August 2019, we will be very pleased to give you more information about our technologies and products. 


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