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Solar protection

Indoor blinds

Protection against dazzle
Protection against dazzle
Outside view preserved
Outside view preserved
Indoor air quality
Indoor air quality

Ideal for new construction comfort and energy performance requirements

Thermal performance, energy savings, light management and workplace comfort are major challenges for buildings in the service sector today. Indoor blinds play an essential role, guaranteeing optimal visual comfort. They offer effective protection against dazzle and preserve the privacy of building occupants without blocking the outside view.

High performance solar protection fabrics for multiple indoor applications

To fulfil these requirements, Serge Ferrari designs and manufactures high quality screens, implementing Précontraint technology, offering excellent planarity for optimal winding and reduced size to ensure that even large dimension blinds remain discreet. They are suitable for all types of indoor blinds, including roll-up blinds, Roman blinds, vertical blinds, blinds for verandas, glass roofs and shade structures and even Japanese panels.

Customised solutions for service sector projects

Perforated or opaque, these solutions are an attractive decorative option for the windows of office buildings, health-care and education establishments, sports and cultural buildings, stations and airports. As an alternative to folded and Venetian blinds, Soltis blinds are easy to maintain and offer long-lasting resistance.

Success story
Tour D2 indoor blinds
success story
Internal solar protection

Tour D2 equipped with 15,000m² of Soltis Feel 99 LowE composite screens

Feel 88 LowE and 99 LowE
Internal solar protection
Alto Avellaneda shopping centre internal shadesails
Internal solar protection

Alto Avellaneda shopping centre

Estudio Cien Fuegos
Internal roller blinds in a private house
Internal solar protection

Internal roller blinds

World trade Organisation Headquarters internal solar protection
Internal solar protection

World trade Organisation Headquarters

Wittfoht Architekten
Alper Aksoy Office internal solar protection
Internal solar protection

Alper Aksoy Offices

Alper Aksoy Architects
Saint-Etienne city hall internal roller blinds
Internal solar protection

Saint-Etienne city hall

Manuelle Gautrand Architecture
French national Archives internal blinds
Internal solar protection

French national Archives

Massimiliano et Doriana Fuksas
Antwerp Port House internal blinds
Internal solar protection

Antwerp Port House

Zaha Hadid Architects
German Football Museum internal blinds
Internal solar protection

German Football Museum

HPP Architects
Dr Chau Chak Wing University internal blinds
Internal solar protection

Dr Chau Chak Wing University

Frank Gehry