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Protection and environment


Very long lifespan
Very long lifespan

Protection of people, equipment and the environment

The protective barrier function is obvious when talking about membrane applications. However, the particularities of each sector (agriculture, industry, energy) mean that specific properties are required for each solution. The vast Protection range covers the requirements of the different industries and applications. 

Lightweight materials to meet the most stringent requirements

Our Protect composite membranes offer protection against fire, smoke, explosion risk, bacteria and electric arcs. The are lightweight and long-lasting, offering solid industrial guarantees. 

Material diversity for every situation

As well as high tenacity polyester micro-cables, our expertise includes complex elastomer compound coatings for glass. These coatings confer resistance to extreme temperatures for containers of liquids or aggressive chemical substances and offer exceptional UV resistance. 
Our technologies enable the production of foams with excellent thermal or acoustic insulation properties for cable glands or barriers against sparking and oil spray. 
Our pre-stressed grids, whose opening factors can be adapted, offer protection against dust, sun or wind, allowing the creation of flexible, lightweight filtration solutions.