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Renewable energies

Renewable energies

Gas permeability
Protection against the ATEX risk
Resistance to high pressures

Evolution of the energy mix continues to favour renewable energy sources, particularly in the production of electricity and green gases. Serge Ferrari is one of France's industrial pioneers, investing heavily in research and development to develop these carbon-free energies. 
Our materials have been in use on biogas production plants in all five continents for more 10 years thanks to their light weight, durability and recyclability. The industrial move towards renewable energies demands the industrialisation of these non-mature industries. In this relatively new field, Serge Ferrari provides its expertise to researchers working on the recovery of an almost infinite source of energy in the planet's seas: highly innovative projects in the fields of thermal, wave and electric energy. 

Methelec anaerobic digestion plant
success story
Renewable energies

Biogas cover membranes to equip anaerobic digestion plants

Advanced 3739, 4739, 5739 and 6739
Renewable energies