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Tensile architecture

Shading structures

Protection against bad weather conditions and sun
Protection against bad weather condition
Freedom of shape
Freedom of shape
Light weight
Light weight

Lightweight tensioned structures of various shapes

The light weight and flexibility of composite membranes enable the creation of shade structures in a wide variety of original shapes. They offer user comfort by protecting against bad weather and the heat of the sun.

Ideal for shade structures and the roofs of open air constructions

Tensioned structures are ideal for protecting goods (covered car parks, carports) and people (pedestrian walkway roofs, canopies, covered playgrounds, etc.). They are also suitable for covering open areas, such as open air sports grounds, play areas, covered halls, etc.

Lightweight, high performance materials

Based on Précontraint technology, Serge Ferrari has developed a range of high performance composite materials with good stability and proven quality. Flexlight membranes are a perfect example of Serge Ferrari's environmental approach: they are eco-designed and can be recycled via Texyloop.

shade structure for synnu places
Shading structures

Shaded skate park

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