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Building young talents’ potential: Serge Ferrari’s commitment to social respons

Serge Ferrari Group is dedicated to supporting young professionals as they enter the job market. The Group’s apprentice programme seeks to promote professional, as well as social and interpersonal skills among apprentices during their work placement at Serge Ferrari.

From the first phase of the hiring process, we pay particular attention to how young applicants align with our company’s values and strategy. 

Once they have been hired and whatever their position, all applicants are enrolled in an introduction workshop where they learn about the Group’s history, activities and values. Serge Ferrari also organises initiation events to build team cohesion, creating a strong sense of cross-department community among our apprentices. This initiative aims to improve quality of life in the workplace, encourage the sharing of good practices, mutual support and collaborative work. 

In addition, supervisors also play a key role in this process. They are specially trained to manage apprentices, with a programme including a serious game workshop and custom training, to gain experience with real-life situations and develop their leadership skills. Apprentice management and progress monitoring tools are also provided to ensure reliable and supportive management of all trainees. 

Marion Rivoire, Head of HR for Serge Ferrari France, sums up the Group’s commitment: ‘To address the challenges of employer attractiveness, Serge Ferrari has been working for a few years now on stepping up its recruitment campaigns for apprentices. Our new apprentice programme faithfully reflects our commitment to social responsibility by providing younger generations with the support they need to enter the job market.’ 

Just like the year before, our class of 2023/2024 is rich with new profiles and talents, with 14 joining 12 already with us. 

A warm welcome to: Marie BAROTH, Lorenzo REYNAUD, Janice GRUCKERT-CICCARELLI, Mathilde CHAVERON, Rémi VIAL, Loane RAJON, Fidéline BILLOT, Roxanne ROBLES LLORET, Ismaël LAFTES, Lucile MAIRIAN, Nabila ED-DYNARY, Lola MONIN, Matteo CAMPUS and Florian CERISER.

And we are happy to be joined again by: Fatma URESIN, Thomas GARNIER, Tobias GROSSET, Margot BENEDETTI, Célia BAUER, Tristan POLOME, Michaël NSINGI, Lucas BEURIOT, Simon BEYOU, Anthony BOUVIER, Aslinur YURT and Sophie HUGUET.