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Our commitments


Our vision

The history and development of Serge Ferrari reflect the major challenges of the 21st century: Always proposing better with less material and less energy.
In response to this challenge, Serge Ferrari creates, manufactures and distributes flexible composite materials, remaining at the cutting edge of innovation.
Recognised and recommended by leading international architects, Serge Ferrari solutions contribute their light weight, low material density and efficiency to sustainable construction efforts. Our materials combine insulation, translucency, light weight, resistance and stability.
Précontraint technology offers the best weight/performance ratio and dimensional stability over time, offering a solution to the natural resources challenge: do better with less and for longer.

Our mission

Since its creation, Serge Ferrari has strived to build long-term, win-win relationships with all its partners: customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, etc.
In 1973, Serge Ferrari invented Précontraint®, a patented material that was light, resistant and durable, thus offering a weight/performance ratio to meet the requirements of even the most demanding structures. This technological progress enabled the group to develop, producing materials for the economy of the future:

  • Reducing the weight of construction systems
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Improving well-being as well as visual and acoustic comfort

Serge Ferrari not only supplies products, but is also committed to proving the best possible service to its customers:

  • Accurate, detailed information on its products and their implementation,
  • Simple communication tools to suit their needs,
  • Technical and sales training courses to accompany their development,
  • A specific service for architects and designers, project owners and final users.

Our values

Serge Ferrari is founded on three values: Tenacity, Loyalty and Generosity. These values inspire our teams on a daily basis as well as in the implementation of the principles and rules that guide the behaviour of each individual. Our values guide all of our commercial activities and the associated ethical approach and our industrial activity and its safety rules.

More than a promise

Serge Ferrari is a mindset, a close relationship with our partners, proprietary technologies and a detailed understanding of the market. We guarantee flexible composite materials that enable them to build solutions that are beautiful, long-lasting, lightweight, sustainable... and more competitive.