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Innovation at the service of the fight against the coronavirus crisis

New technology with virucidal action developed by the Serge Ferrari Group to eliminate durably coronavirus from composite membrane surfaces

Today, the Serge Ferrari Group is proud to announce that it has successfully developed a virucidal technology for composite materials, which reduces viral load of coronaviruses by 95% after 15-minute contact time, and by 99.5% after one-hour contact time, compared to an untreated membrane. This technology was tested by Virhealth, a laboratory specialising in virucidal and bactericidal testing of decontamination/disinfection technology.

When applied on membranes, this technology could contribute, along with other sanitary preventive measures, to make surfaces safer in facilities open to the public or with heavy footfall, including healthcare facilities, schools, day nurseries, as well as offices, retail businesses, cultural institutions, leisure facilities and public transport vehicles.


A technology based on silver particles

Relying on the properties of silver particles, the Serge Ferrari R&D teams have developed a technology capable of eliminating coronaviruses. To achieve this result, they have worked on and evaluated a variety of technologies applied to the Group’s products to prevent fabrics from becoming propagation sources for viruses and bacteria, thereby contributing to reduce the risks and pace of contamination.
“We identified the antiviral properties of silver and used it to develop innovative formulations for coating our membranes, delivering effectiveness verified by the independent laboratory Virhealth. We drew on our vast expertise to determine the formulations of this treatment and its possible industrial applications,” says Philippe Espiard, Director of R&D at Serge Ferrari Group. “With our capacity to deliver disruptive innovations to the market, Serge Ferrari hopes to contribute, however it can, to meet new needs arising from this pandemic.”


Thanks to this new technology, the Serge Ferrari Group will market fabrics with antiviral properties for medical applications: modular structures for patient care (fully equipped field hospitals, rapid-deployment tents, etc.) or for temporarily increased storage capacity in hospitals, indoor fittings (partition screens, blinds for hospital room windows), medical equipment (washable mattresses, stretchers, upholstery for medical furnishings, etc.) and individual protective gear (jumpsuits).

In addition to these applications, Serge Ferrari’s technology could also provide a valuable contribution for materials used in facilities open to the public or with high footfall, including schools, day nurseries, as well as offices, retail businesses, hospitality establishments, event venues and public transport vehicles.

“For a long time, the Serge Ferrari Group has developed composite fabrics to address challenges arising from public health crises. Consideration, concern and attention to others are values central to Serge Ferrari’s caring philosophy, including — and especially — in difficult situations. Our teams are proud to have a chance to be instrumental in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and to partake in something larger in social terms,” explained Sébastien Ferrari, Serge Ferrari Group Chairman and CEO.

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