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Flexlight range
Shading structures

Advanced 1202 S2

Flexlight Advanced 1202 S2 combines long life, consistent colour per translucency and easy maintenance. This Type III composite membrane is suitable for roofing for sports halls and stadiums.
Offers a life time of over 20 years
Consistent colour per translucency verified by VIS
Easy maintenance
Open air roofing

Open air roofing

Sports hall roofs

Sports hall roofs

Stadium roofs

Stadium roofs



Technical specifications
  Value Standards
Surface treatment / Yarn

S2 PVDF PVDF / High tenacity Polyester 1100/1670 Dtex Low wick treatment for anticapillarity

Weight  1050 g/m² • 31 oz/sq. yd EN ISO 2286-2
 Width 267 cm • 105.1 in  
Standard format length - -
Tensile strength (warp/weft) 560/560 daN/5 cm • 1259/1259 lbs/2 in EN ISO 1421
Tear strength (warp/weft) 80/65 daN • 180/146 lbs DIN 53.363
Flame retardancy B1/DIN 4102-1 — C-s2,d0/EN 13501-1  
Warranty 15 years  

We recommend using Serge Ferrari detergent to clean FLEXLIGHT membranes

  • Verification of consistent colour per translucency (VISU service)
  • Special production and colours
  • Short production runs
  • 50 lm rolls available upon request

Tenseo Advanced 1202 S2 is the new name of the products formerly known as Flexlight Advanced 1202 S2.