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court philippe chatrier- Roland Garros

#3 episode - Everything you have to know about the retractable roof on the Philipe Chatrier court - Roland Garros

Flexlight range
Xtrem TX30-II
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High-tech membranes 

The Flexlight Xtrem TX30 membrane selected for the Philippe-Chatrier court combines an ultra-resistant coating formula and a PVDF Crosslinked surface treatment. The Crosslink formulation of this material is a genuine technological breakthrough inspired by EPOXY type cross-linked treatments, only used for rigid materials until now. Its resistance to oxidation and erosion resulting from climatic aggression (UV, rain, snow) is a particularly important property for this mobile covering, its primary objective being protection against inclement weather.

court philippe chatrier roland garros

Natural light 
Maintaining natural light once the roof was deployed in the stadium was one of the sponsor's requirements. The Roland Garros stadium had to maintain its status as an open-air stadium and allow players and the public to move around in good conditions. Preserving uniform levels of light also helps control TV match coverage.

The benefits of lightness and flexibility are the prerogative of flexible composite materials. This light weight contributes to the building's unique design and facilitates the creation of complex forms. The mobile cover's overall weight has been reduced by incorporating the membrane, thereby enabling the entire assembly to be opened and closed in a minimum amount of time.

The membrane's unique resistance to weathering over time will preserve its structural and aesthetic performance for several decades. Its development followed a stringent process, validated by world-class experts in polymer photo-aging. The Flexlight Xtrem TX30 membrane enables lightweight architecture to maintain a level of performance unchallenged to this day. 


Thomas Bonneville
AT group business Engineer

“We are proud to have been able to meet all the demands and have the opportunity of taking part in one of the most keenly anticipated sports projects of 2020. Thanks to Flexlight Xtrem TX30-2, we were able to guarantee weather resistance, extended durability and impermeability while still allowing natural daylight through. Finally, adding the Alphalia Silent AW fabric to the wings' inside surfaces, ensured the required acoustic performance," explains Thomas Bonneville, Serge Ferrari Group Business Engineer / Building Envelope Product Manager.