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Fermob and Serge Ferrari co creating together

Developing new Exclusive Product: Batyline Stereo for Fermob Brand

Batyline Elios
Project Participants
Client : Fermob
Textile Designer: Lucile Le Priellec
Photo Credit: Aurélie Lecuyer
For their Cadiz collection, designed by Antoine Lesur, Fermob has chosen to use Batyline Stereo, an exclusive new Batyline product developed by textile designer Lucile Le Priellec.

The combination of aluminum and outdoor technical fabric popularised by Fermob 22 years ago is making a comeback. Delivering comfort and strength at the same time, this combination conveys a modern look to the new Cadiz collection, designed by Antoine Lesur. Designed for in and outdoor life, easily transportable thanks to their light weight, and stackable for easier storage, chairs of the Cadiz collection break the rules of traditional garden furniture.
“I wanted to bring elegance by refining the design of the aluminum structure and adding this broken line to the backrest, high enough to visually lengthen the legs. I was looking for dynamic lines that would look perfect holding a sling seat and backrest,” Antoine Lesur explained.

During this process, Fermob expressed the wish to pair this innovative design with a unique fabric. Serge Ferrari suggested entrusting this project to textile designer Lucile Le Priellec. “My job was to re-design Batyline; I had to bring in a contemporary element to make the fabric both easily recognisable and timeless.”

Batyline Stereo

Batyline Stereo

Though Serge Ferrari digital tool helps make a first selection among the various designs being considered, it was Lucile’s expertise with weaving and her work on her own loom that truly brought to life the new Batyline Stereo designed exclusively for Fermob. This pattern consists of one warp yarn and three weft yarns to give it a very sophisticated 3D, graphic look, suggesting the illusion of volume on the seat and creating visual continuity with the backrest. The final product took two years to develop

“I soon began trying out my ideas on my loom and making samples. I had to show innovation while operating within the constraints of extremely detailed specifications. After that, I spent a  long  time  researching  fabric  colours  to  find  options  that  would match Fermob’s colourful designs. Then the last step of the process was translating all that into an industrial process. I  spent  a  whole  week  at  Serge  Ferrari’s  factory,  supervising  the tests with the help of the whole technical team. It was very exciting to finally see my project come to life!”

Batyline Stereo has now its own range of colour that suits Fermob specific design needs.