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Lafuma mobilier en co creation avec Serge Ferrari

Lafuma Mobilier & Serge Ferrari: a colourful story

Batyline Eden
Batyline Eden
Project Participants
Client : Lafuma Mobilier
Colour designer: Anne Emery, Aujourd'hui Ou Mardi
Photo credit: LAFUMA MOBILIER — Pierrick Verny
Design, comfort and durability are the founding principles behind the brand’s products. Relying on unique expertise and a deeply innovative mindset, LAFUMA Mobilier has expanded its collections year after year adding new practical, functional and visually appealing products.

Since the company’s inception in 1954, LAFUMA’s outdoor furniture has consistently associated robust metal structures with different sling fabrics to match varied styles and emerging trends. A truly avant-garde project by the Drôme-based brand, which has always  advocated eco-friendly design, French production and the traceability of its materials. A responsible and sustainable consumption approach, perfectly in keeping with Serge Ferrari’s values and products, which will guarantee a long-term collaboration between the two companies.

LAFUMA Mobilier offers several types of product ranges, featuring different Batyline solutions chosen for their capacity to best embody each collection’s concept and design: Batyline Eden for the PRIVILÈGE range, Batyline Duo for PATIO and Batyline Iso for TERRASSE.

The new 2020 colourways are the result of collaborative design work involving LAFUMA Mobilier, Serge Ferrari’s Design & Colour Lab team and Anne  Emery, Colour Designer and Co-Founder of style consultancy Aujourd’hui Ou Mardi. A process simplified by the use of the Serge Ferrari digital tool rolled out two years ago.

Gordes collection Lafuma Mobilier and Serge Ferrari

Gordes Palette

Gordes Palette

Gordes has its roots in the South of France. It is a tribute to a certain French art de vivre. The very contemporary titanium structure vibrates in harmony with the soft, natural tones, which are perfect for enjoying a relaxing moment.

Opale palette lafuma mobilier and Serge Ferrari

Opale Palette

Opale Palette

Opale is inspired by the cool breeze and soft light of a summer evening. The white accents highlight the lines of the products sporting fabrics with mineral inspirations. The specific weave pattern creates a rich visual effect and delivers greater comfort to the sling.

Arnaud Du Mesnil
CEO of LAFUMA Mobilier

“This digital Serge Ferrari design solution has really helped move along the decision process to approve the new colours for our 2020 collections. With the software, we were able to make as many 2D simulations as necessary to finalise our selection together with the colour designers before we moved on to sampling.”