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campus orange Lyon

"Orange Lumière" building choose Soltis Feel 99 LowE to protects itself from the heat

Soltis  Feel 88 LowE and 99 LowE
Feel 88 LowE and 99 LowE
Interior solar protection
Project Participants
Architect: Hubert Godet Architectes / Hardel + Le Bihan
Project Owner: Pitch Promotion
User Client: Orange
Manufacturer : Franciaflex

Inaugurated last November, the new office complex called "Orange Lumière", at the heart of the new project in the Lyon Part-Dieu district, brings together the Orange regional management teams in a new coherent architectural complex that respects the history of the site. The two new wings (North and South) rise up on either side of the "Central téléphonique Lacassagne", an emblematic building designed by the architect André Gutton in 1972 and protected by the "Bâtiments de France". The three blocks thus formed are linked by a central glass hall called the Agora.

The two new North and South wings benefited from the installation of interior blinds made of Soltis Feel 99 LowE fabric, as recommended by the Arcora design office. Manufactured and installed during the construction phase over a surface area of 11,000 m2, the blinds contribute to the building's energy savings and to the comfort of the occupants in the different places such as restaurants, co-working areas and offices. From a design point of view, the grey colour of the fabric blends harmoniously with the tone of the interior arches in raw concrete. Despite the large dimensions of the blinds, the thinness of the fabric allows the use of a small roller mechanism for discreet integration into the openings.

Soltis Feel 99 LowE, a real heat shield

Soltis Feel 99 LowE, a real heat shield

The entire site is HQE certified to an excellent level, with a strong desire on from the project management to design this extension in a responsible and environmentally friendly way, both in terms of construction principles and energy management. With a completely unobstructed view of the esplanade, a large glazed area and a southern exposure to the sun, the thermal protection of the building required special attention.

In the office spaces flooded with natural light, great care was taken to ensure the comfort of employees, who took part in the design process of the spaces through work groups. This specific care is reflected in the choice of office furniture, the presence of planted terraces on each floor and the diffusion of atmospheric fragrances tailored to the spaces.

The interior blinds contribute to these pleasant working conditions: they can be adjusted individually by the employees and optimise the management of natural light to reduce the risk of glare when working on a screen, while preserving the view of the adjoining green spaces. This comfort is appreciated by the operator's technical teams working 24 hours a day to maintain the network's lines.