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seemee loop

Seemee Loop Mesh, the Serge Ferrari Group's new innovation for the Sign market

Seemee Loop™ range
Visual communication
Project Participants
Kleinhempel GmbH
Blow Up Media GmbH
An innovation from the Serge Ferrari Group in response to market demand

Over the last few years, many industries have seen a gradual trend towards the search for alternative, greener and more sustainable solutions. The large format print market is no exception. Print providers and customers are seeking to match market demands with their own principles of production and sustainable growth. In this field, the dynamic is indeed to integrate a part of recycled and PVC-free content in the final product. This is a step that the Serge Ferrari Group has taken even further with the development of a PVC-free membrane made of 100% recycled polyester yarns and 100% recycled polymers from post-consumer waste.
This new membrane, named Seemee Loop Mesh, is a response to market demand and a true demonstration of the Serge Ferrari Group's commitment to sustainable development and its mission "Act now to build a better tomorrow".
The first product of the Loop range, this membrane is the result of a combination of a culture of innovation and a pioneering CSR ambition in the composite membrane market.

The Seemee Loop Mesh membrane: sobriety and efficiency

The principle of sobriety in the use of natural resources has truly dictated the development of the Seemee Loop Mesh membrane. Composed of a fabric knitted from 100% recycled polyester yarns and a coating made from 100% recycled polymers from post-consumer waste, the membrane follows a strict logic of limiting the consumption of natural resources.
Lightweight and easy to handle and install, printable with UV or latex inks, this technical fabric made in Germany is designed for indoor and short term outdoor applications.

The success of Seemee Loop Mesh in Germany

In 2021, the family-owned printing company Kleinhempel, located in Hamburg in northern Germany, took part in a pilot phase for the deployment of this Serge Ferrari Group innovation. It has carried out a series of advertising campaigns for international retail chains and telephone operators for Blow Up Media GmbH.
Since 1992, this German advertising agency has specialized in the design of very large format banners of up to 3,000 m2, but also in the creation of building coverage, for example to camouflage scaffolding during construction work.
Convinced by the innovative properties of the membrane, Blow Up Media was able to recommend Seemee Loop Mesh to its clients so that they can continue to promote their own products through advertising campaigns with no additional environmental impact. They can thus align their communication actions with their CSR commitments.

Seemee Loop Mesh, a sustainable banner full scale nature

The Kleinhemel printing house, commissioned by Blow Up Media GmbH, used around 8,500 m2 of Seemee Loop Mesh to print outdoor banners for a major German retail brand. These advertising posters, deployed as part of an extensive communication campaign in the summer of 2021, were then deployed throughout Germany, such as in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart Mönchengladbach, Mannheim and Nuremberg.
A telephone company with a strong presence in Europe was also seduced by this new ecological approach to printing and entrusted Blow Up Media and Kleinhempel with the creation and printing of its 2021 campaign.
In total, Kleinhempel will have printed nearly 80,000 m2 of Seemee Loop Mesh fabric for the creation of monumental advertising banners displayed throughout Germany.

Seemee Loop Mesh