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The Serge Ferrari group

The Serge Ferrari group

About us

Our expertise

Serge Ferrari Group designs, develops and manufactures innovative composite materials for lightweight architecture and outdoor equipment applications. Targeted primarily at four worldwide strategic markets — solar protection, tensile architecture, modular structures, furniture/yachting —, our high-end solutions combine durability, safety, aesthetics, comfort and sustainability. The Group’s strong potential for product development and innovation regularly opens up new construction and equipment applications, ranging from everyday life to the most spectacular projects.
Building on our expertise and application knowledge, Serge Ferrari Group has become a leader on multiple highly competitive markets as well as a number of niche segments, including biogas production and aquaculture.

Our mission

Act now to build a better tomorrow.
A simple phrase that should not hide the magnitude of the challenge to address: maintaining the same level of performance in the future, while reducing the use of natural resources for a less impactful and more durable construction industry.

The ongoing transformation of demand and advances made to tackle environmental issues grant us a unique opportunity to develop alternative construction and equipment solutions that are efficient, safe and virtuous. Serge Ferrari Group’s R&D Department explores multiple fields (non-combustibility, increasing the share of recycled materials, PVC alternatives, incorporation of natural fibres, smart textiles, etc.) to design new functional, aesthetic and durable materials, and develop lightweight architectural solutions, offering extraordinary perspectives for new technical applications and bold designs.

Serge Ferrari Group’s mission statement is in perfect alignment with where the Group is today and where it hopes to be tomorrow. It rests on three pillars:
Building better: supporting the evolution of lifestyles by bringing together function — with more efficient, safer and more durable materials — and well-being — with products designed with greater attention to comfort, aesthetics and quality of life.

Building with less: facilitating the use of lighter and more durable materials to provide practical solutions to climate and environmental challenges, to minimize pressures on natural resources
Acting now: recognizing today the full extent of our responsibility and developing innovative composite materials to pave the way towards applications with the capacity to address the urgency of current environmental issues.

Check out our CSR policy.

Serge Ferrari in brief

In brief