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Arrange your terrace: awning, pergola or shade sail

Soltis 96 - ©Yann Geoffray
The days are getting longer, the sun is out, and the temperatures are rising: spring is coming! Neglected by the winter, the terrace can once again become a part of the house in its own right, as soon as the good weather returns.

The moment is then perfect to reclaim the premises and make this outdoor space a place of relaxation and pleasure. The professional members of the Serge Ferrari Premium Partner network are specialists in offering you patio design solutions. The customization possibilities are endless.

Why install an awning:

The awning remains the star of terraces in France. Dircreet when folded up, the awning is certainly a classic solution, but also elegant and effective for protecting yourself from the sun's rays. Be aware, however, that some fabrics can get dirty easily or even be damaged by remaining rolled up all winter. With Serge Ferrari, canvas replacement is possible! Opt for composite membranes, ultra-resistant, easy to clean, imperishable, and with unbeatable thermal qualities.

Why install a pergola:

The pergola, a new outdoor living space. Composed of a fixed structure, the bioclimatic pergola is an outdoor space that can be used both as a living room, a dining room... in short, a living space where you can enjoy the outside ai serenely. Note that windbreak panels or screens can be added to close the side openings and thus transform the terrace into a real cocoon.

Why install a shade sail:

The shade sail, the modern and serene design. Aerial solution, both design and functional, the shade sail adds a ceratin cachet to your terrace layout. The shade sail can also be installed on your boeat. Take advantage of an alternative to the awning or pergola, by requestingthe installation of your shade sail. It can be arranged or combined as you wish, depending on the space available.

Know how to take advantage of your terrace for moments with family or friends, in the shade of a Serge Ferrari canvas.

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