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The amazing Proto habitat project


PROTO-HABITAT: Setting the standards of an innovative and sustainable lifestyle  
The PROTO-HABITAT prototype pavilion implements research carried out by architects Frédérique BARCHELARD and Flavien MENU. They have both been residents of the Académie de France in Rome at the Villa Médicis since September 2019, focused on the design of housing methods adapted to address environmental and social issues.
PROTO-HABITAT reflects values for a happy, generous and collaborative ecology. Easily dismantled, modular and entirely built from French wood with Soltis 88 for the gable and Flexlight 602 for the roof, it offers quality and durability at an affordable price.

100% French synergy
Developed by the WALD.CITY association and architects Frédérique BARCHELARD and Flavien MENU, the WOODRISE ecosystem and support from the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region have made it possible to bring the major players in the New Aquitaine and French timber industry together. With the support of SERGE FERRARI providing the textile aspect of the construction, these synergies have enabled the project to become a reality, despite the current health crisis. Carried forward by these values of resilience and solidarity, the PROTO-HABITAT pavilion reflects a powerful symbolism in this context of revival, evoking questions of environmental and social sustainability.

Bringing concrete and flexibility together
Entirely built in wood and topped by a Soltis 88 for the gable and a Flexlight 602 products for the roof, the construction offers a system combining post-beam and easy to assemble wood frame modular paneling that can be adapted to all types of structures and areas. An intelligent approach to the project's economics from the design stage enables construction costs to be reduced by 30% while using qualitative materials such as Soltis, so that prefabrication and efficiency can be given priority. With assembly on light foundations taking only 5 days and using panels that do not require heavy lifting equipment, the Pavilion is enhanced by a winter garden and climatic belvedere equipped with Serge Ferrari products. The open or covered configurations can be adapted for urban and rural conditions, made possible by the Serge Ferrari membrane's lightness and flexibility, as well as its climatic performance.

Architect: Frederique Barchelard Flavien Menu WALD.CITY 
Installer: Grand Voile
Frederique Barchelard Flavien Menu