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Serge Ferrari fabrics for outdoor furniture

Focus on the design of Serge Ferrari outdoor furnishing fabrics

Batyline Stereo Serge Ferrari
When Serge Ferrari teams designs a new textile for outdoor furniture, the end user is always at the heart of the thinking.
We always try to think first about the application and how we can best meet the needs of the end user by creating an "easy to live" fabric.

Consumers of outdoor furniture are becoming increasingly demanding with their coverings. Their gardens and terraces are now a real place to live, a space to invest in and make their own. Consumers today are spending more time outdoors to relax, to reconnect with nature and with themselves. They are trying to adopt a more "slowlife" lifestyle, and these outdoor experiences are part of that.

The concept of comfort in the design of outdoor furnishing fabrics

Consumers' expectations of comfort are very high: they want outdoor living spaces that are as comfortable and cosy as their living rooms, with the same level of desirability, attention to detail and softness. Of course, they also expect a high level of performance and cleanability so that they can leave their furniture outside with complete peace of mind, all year round. 
So we design our Batyline products to be as desirable as indoor products, but more durable. A real challenge!

Understanding end-user needs

As part of our latest Batyline Elios launch, we had the opportunity to survey consumers on the subject of comfort. We surveyed 90 consumers who had recently purchased outdoor furniture and asked them what they were looking for first when buying outdoor furniture. 
the large majority of them said 'comfort' was the number one purchase criterion, even before 'aesthetics'. 
When we further explored the subject with them, we realised that they were referring to two types of comfort:
- Physical comfort 
- And emotional comfort

Physical and emotional comfort

Physical comfort refers to what is directly related to the user's body sensations and the appearance of the product. There are essential notions such as softness, breathability, quick-drying capacity and flexibility, to fit the shape of the furniture cushions that host our fabrics and that are themselves designed to be the most comfortable. 
Emotional comfort refers to the ability of users to free their minds during their outdoor experiences. Our fabrics should make life easier, enable the user's carefree attitude by being weather resistant, very easy to clean and safe.
- Weather resistance: Serge Ferrari fabrics are designed to be UV resistant, mildew resistant to stay beautiful and healthy for a long time, with colours as bright as the first day. Users don't have to worry about winterizing their cushions and lounge chairs during the winter.
- Very easy to clean: Our outdoor fabrics accompany users in all their outdoor moments. In the fabric's life, there will be stains from strawberry smoothies at breakfast, red wine in the evening and chocolate ice cream in the afternoon. 
- Safety: our fabrics are phthalate-free and Greenguard Gold 
- Contributing to the design intention of the furniture: our fabrics do not sag, they are designed and manufactured to maintain the design intention of the manufacturer's brand, year after year.

Serge Ferrari’s mission is to create timeless, durable and comfortable textile materials to accompany all users’ enjoyable outdoor experiences. 
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