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Serge Ferrari at the China Architectural Design Expo 2020

In November 2020, the Architectural Design Expo (CADE) event was held at Shanghaila, in China. This ambitious event aims at achieving the subtle combination of architecture and technology. It concerns highlighting and encouraging the synergy between architectural designers and cutting-edge industry, using iconic and innovative artistic projects.

CADE, the new forum for architects
The China Architectural Design Expo is the first exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region entirely devoted to architects and focused on high-end construction solutions as well as the development of cutting-edge communication platforms.
This exhibition enables various players in architecture, art and technology to exchange ideas and talent on innovations and new trends in design and materials.
This year was focused on "material possibilities". 5 architects, in partnership with construction companies, had the opportunity of expressing their ideas and talents by means of unique creative projects.

The project
The 2020 Edition of the China Architectural Design Expo in Shanghai was a fresh opportunity for Serge Ferrari to demonstrate its membranes' technicality and aesthetics.
The example on display was the result of the work of architect Shui Yanfei, co-founder of the Shanghai architecture studio NATURABUILD. His project was designed to be a sound and spatial journey, offering visitors an extraordinary visual experience.

This floating cube, known as "Soundepth", made in Alphalia Silent AW as well as FrontsideView 381, is the work of architect Shui Yanfei.

Design Cube serge ferrari alphalia