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Soltis at the Elysée

On July 3 and 4, 2021, the Made in France exhibition was held at the Elysée Palace. Soltis, Serge Ferrari's sun protection range, was in the spotlight.

Conceived as an event entirely dedicated to French innovation, manufacturing and production, this exhibition brought together 168 exhibitors from all over France and the French overseas territories.

All the participants, companies, craftsmen, producers and industrialists were selected for their expertise and their promotion of the French know-how, in fields as various as food, fashion, innovation or engineering.

On this occasion, the Normandy company SOCOTEX, a long-time client of Serge Ferrari, had the honor of representing the Calvados department. SOCOTEX is based in Honfleur, Normandy, and specializes in custom-made textile fabrics for terrace equipment. Founded by Xavier Peyrucq in 1972, the company is now managed by his daughter Déborah, who is committed to pursuing the development of the family business. For years, the company has used Serge Ferrari fabrics to offer its customers quality, durable and aesthetic products.
In this context, Déborah Peyrucq points out: "We choose Serge Ferrari fabrics for the resistance linked to the Précontraint technology, the choice of colors, the fire resistance and the wide range of products for solar protection, the tertiary sector and textile architecture. I find that both brands share the same family vision, know-how and product quality, offering a wide choice to customers."


At the Elysée, SOCOTEX exhibited its Abrivoile product, a solution that combines a pergola and a shade sail in an innovative structure. "The Abrivoile® pergola is a unique product based on the use of our pergola frame to attach the shade sail and thus offer our customers a ready-to-use project. Indeed, when the sail does not have a wall attachment and the customer wants a completely autonomous project, this solution allows him to combine the contemporary frame of the pergola with the aerial look of the sail. And all this, while reducing the anchoring usually necessary on the pillar, thanks to the distribution of forces in the frame and the reinforcements that we created in the corners", explains Déborah Peyrucq.

For the Abrivoile model presented at the "Fabriqué en France" exhibition, which was also the shelter for President Macron during his speech, the shade sail was made from Soltis Lounge 96 fabric. Its high dimensional resistance thanks to the Précontraint technology, combined with its thermal performance and its wide range of colors, make it an ideal product for this type of installation. Finally, it should be noted that this choice is in line with the theme of the exhibition, "Made in France", since this fabric is entirely designed and manufactured by Serge Ferrari at its site in La Tour du Pin, Isère.