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Soltis Tour 2024/25: Expanding horizons in solar protection

In 2024, Serge Ferrari Group is renewing its European roadshow, strengthening its ties with its partners and professionals in solar protection.

Following the great success of the first Soltis Tour in 2023, Serge Ferrari Group is delighted to announce the return of the event. The next Soltis Tour will run from September 2024 to February 2025. This roadshow will be bigger than before, covering more countries and offering new experiences: 

60 dates​, in about 13 countries​ (Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, France, UK, Spain) bringing together around 9,000 professionals of the solar protection industry. 

At the heart of the Soltis Tour is the vision of bringing together the community of solar protection specialists, from fabric makers and installers to distributors and specifiers. The tour will facilitate interactions, allowing participants to share insights, challenges, and successes. Through these engagements, the Serge Ferrari Group aims to cultivate a collaborative ecosystem that drives the industry forward. 

Participants in the upcoming Soltis Tour will have the unique opportunity to experience the latest advancements in solar protection, including cutting-edge products and solutions that meet the evolving needs of professionals and consumers.  

Alongside the Soltis brand, visitors will be able to discover all the solutions offered by our permanent partners (Dorey, Nice, Plastex) as well as our country partners (Elcia, Experts SF, Giofex, Giovanardi, KSF Europe, Serge Ferrari Premium Partners). 

For a closer look at who's hosting the Soltis Tour, here’s a comprehensive list of our event hosts:  

  • GLM Hellas SA 
  • Apostolopoulos SA 
  • MV Living 
  • RGM Tende 
  • IC Tende 
  • Grifo / Nyx 
  • Palagina 
  • Fanani 
  • Medit 
  • Verelux 
  • Mec Tend 
  • Resstende 
  • Gibus 
  • Pratic 
  • Bremetall 
  • Interlux 
  • Climax 
  • PWS 
  • Giofex 
  • Solarmatic 
  • MHZ 
  • FABER 
  • ATES 
  • MFC 
  • CybStores 
  • Socotex 
  • Guthrie Douglas 
  • Soliso 
  • Albiges 
  • Sauleda 
  • STI/Les toiles du Sud 
  • CRC-SNG 
  • Schöllkopf Konfektion 
  • Guillaume Janssen 
  • Elero 
  • Cebel 
  • Stores Roger 
  • Franciaflex 


 For more details about the tour, visit our website: