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Soltis Veozip
Solar protection
Exterior solar protection

Soltis Veozip Color

Let the sun come in and keep the heat out
With a 15 colors range, Soltis Veozip is a versatile fabric which embellishes windows and your pergola.

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Hemp-based composition for natural fabric aspect
Hemp-based composition for natural fabric aspect
Blocks up to 96% of UV rays
Blocks up to 96% of UV rays
Plays on transparency
Plays on transparency
Protects from wind
Protects from wind
Perfect integration into ZIP systems

Facade blind 



Facade blind

Facade blind

Lateral pergola blind

Veozip from Serge Ferrari - residential

Facade blind

Glare control for greater visual comfort during relaxing or remote working times

Lateral pergola blind




Frost White














Lunar Surface


Sea lion


Sea urchin






Grey pepper


Graphite Black

Technical specifications

Thanks to its unmatched transparency, Soltis Veozip improves occupant’s satisfaction by increasing natural light gains and thermal comfort.

Its natural look and feel will not only enhances office spaces but also outdoor environments.

On your windows...

Optimised for facade external blinds using ZIP systems,
the Soltis Veozip will improve building efficiency.

Thermal performances

  • Blocks 95 to 97% of the heat (0,03≤ gtote ≤0,05 with D glazing 
  • Blocks at least 93% of the heat (gtote ≤0,07) with any glazing or color

Fire resistance

  • Euroclass B-s2, d0

and your pergola...

As an effective extension of your living space, your pergola equipped with Soltis Veozip will feel like a new room to your house. It will provide warmth and comfort to your pergola while protecting its occupants from the wind and heat.

UV performances

  • Blocks up to 96% of UV rays
  • High UV color fastness

Woven natural aspect

  • Mat look and Hemp-base composition for natural fabric design
  • Plays on transparency
  Values Standards
Technical Properties
Openness factor 5%  

600 g/m2 • 17.7 oz/sq. yd

EN ISO 2286-2
Thickness 0,90 mm • 900 microns

200 cm - 250 cm - 290 cm - 320 cm • 78.7 in - 98.4 in - 114.2 in - 126 in

Roll length

In 200 cm • 78.7 in width

42 lm • 45.93 yd  

In 250 cm • 98.4 in width

42 lm • 45.93 yd


In 290 cm • 114.2 in width

42 lm • 45.93 yd


In 320 cm • 126 in width

35 lm • 38.28 yd

Physical properties

Tensile strength (warp/weft)

250/170 daN/5 cm • 560/382 lbs/2 in

EN ISO 1421
Tear strength (warp/weft)

25/25 daN • 56/56 lbs

DIN 53.363
Fire resistance

M1/NF P 92-507 — B1/DIN 4102-1 — Clase 1/EN 13773 — Classe 1/UNI 9177 — BS 7837 — BS 5867-2 Type B — Method 1/NFPA 701 — Method 2/NFPA 701 — CSFM T19 — Class A/ASTM E84 — CAN/ULC S109 — AS/NZS 1530.2 — AS/NZS 1530.3

Euroclass B-s2,d0 EN 13501-1
Management system


  ISO 9001
Environment   ISO 14001
Energy   ISO 50001
Certifications, labels, warranties, recyclability
Recyclable / Greenguard certification - FDES Certification - Base Classification - Eco Bau - Smart Yarn Technology - 5 years warranty - 

Tools and Services 

Soltissim: tool to evaluate energy savings that can be achieved with Soltis solar protection. Contact your Serge Ferrari representative.

¹ Summarizes the group’s CSR project focused on human, to align economic performance and positive impact.

The technical data above are averaged values with a +/-5% tolerance.

The purchaser of our products is responsible for their application or transformation in relation to possible third party rights. The purchaser of our products is responsible for their installation in compliance with the standards, working practices and safety regulations of their destination country. Please refer to our warranty document with regard to contractual liability.
Values quoted in this document are commonly used test results for design purposes. They are given for information only in order to offer our customers optimum usage of our products. Our products are subject to improvements resulting from technical developments and we reserve the right to modify their characteristics at any time. The purchaser of our products is responsible for checking the above data.

The colours and textures presented are included for information only.

Soltis Veozip Color is the new name of the products formerly known as Soltis Veozip.


— Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Health Declarations available on request.
— Custom thermal performance simulation service for your projects and associated Soltis solar protection systems.
Please contact your Serge Ferrari representative.
— Evaluation tool for energy savings achieved with Soltis solar protection systems: