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Getting Back to Business During the COVID19 Pandemic - How Fabrics Can Help

restaurants, hotels and shops open up during COVID 19
As restaurants, hotels and shops open back up, companies are seeking new ways to increase revenues while protecting customers and staff.
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Quick Fix - Long Term Plan

To better protect people's health and help them feel more comfortable, owners and designers are adding new features to their spaces such as partitions and equipment covers, replacing rough surfaces for easier to disinfect smooth surfaces, and expanding outdoor spaces. Serge Ferrari offers a range of flexible composite materials to meet these needs. While able to accommodate the speed necessary for these changes, materials from Serge Ferrari also add beauty, durability and longevity to any space for a long-term approach and excellent return on investment.  


Before Cover
Photos courtesy of
Protect chairs from contamination with a cover
Shores Global LLC

Protective Covers

Protect your equipment, furniture and other assets from germs by covering them when not in use. Stamoid® Smart, a silicone coated cover fabric, is 100% waterproof and compatible with the most common and aggressive cleaners used in North American hospitals and healthcare facilities, for sanitized protection that lasts.


Room Dividers
Photo courtesy of Shores Global LLC

Dividers / Partitions

Create privacy and protective barriers for guests with fabric room dividers and partitions. Beautiful, structured, fire retardant fabrics like Batyline® Lounge hang flat and come in a variety of colors to integrate within any design. And, unlike hard surface partitions, fabric improves the acoustical performance of any space, making it even more comfortable and relaxing for guests. 


hospital seating
Medical grade upholstery that is UV resistant for indoor or outdoor use
Medical beds
Waterproof and smooth surface, compatible with common healthcare disinfectants

Upholstery & Seating

Infectious control experts agree, smooth, non-porous materials reduce the collection of debris and microbes and are easier to clean. Stamskin® Zen medical-grade upholstery fabric is 100% waterproof and smooth. Stamskin Zen is also UV resistant for outdoor seating and is compatible with the most common and aggressive cleaners used in North American hospitals and healthcare facilities, for sanitized protection that lasts.   

The Pinecrest Collection with Batyline Duo sling fabric by Pavilion Furniture, The Terrace on Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos


Another great option for indoor or outdoor seating is an open sling fabric such as Batyline® Iso and Batyline® Duo. These fabrics promote airflow, are easy to clean and dry quickly. Mold and UV resistant, Serge Ferrari sling fabrics will not sag over time and use, ensuring a beautiful, long term, seating solution for your guests. 




Solar Protection 

To accommodate social distancing, outdoor spaces are expanding. Protect patrons from harmful UV rays and the weather with Soltis® solar protection fabrics.   

There are a wide variety of ways to use Soltis fabrics in an outdoor expansion:

The Chism Company
Custom fixed awning with Soltis Proof 502, by The Chism Company, La Fogata Restaurant, San Antonio, TX


Fixed awnings

Local awning companies can quickly add a fixed awning to any space. Choosing a quality fabric will ensure the awning looks beautiful for many years to come. Soltis® fabrics are available in a variety of open mesh and waterproof options, as well as a wide selection of colors, to integrate with any design and boost any brand. 


Pint and Pie Public House
Custom fixed awning with Soltis Proof 502 and adhesive vinyl graphics, by Rainier Industries, Pint & Pie Public House, Tacoma, WA


Printed awnings

Expand brand visibility still further with printable fabric awnings. The smooth surface of Soltis® Proof 502 is a great platform for adhesive vinyl graphics while materials like Soltis® Proof Vivo are digitally printable. These two waterproof materials offer a choice of more than 50 modern or traditional colors and 2 finishes.



II Terrazzo Carmine
Durasol Pinnacle retractable awning with Soltis 92, installed by Rainier Industries, Il Terrazzo Carmine Restaurant, Seattle, WA


Retractable awnings

During the day, guests want to sit in the shade. But perhaps at night they want to see the stars! Let your staff and guests choose with a retractable fabric awning. 

Wind plus the open/close movement of any retractable awning can place significant tension on the fabric. A weak fabric will tear or stretch over time, requiring a service call and added costs to replace or re-tension it.

Soltis fabrics are dimensionally stable and exceptionally flat making them ideal for retractable awnings. Built with Serge Ferrari's patented and exclusive Precontraint® technology, Soltis fabrics are pre-stretched during the coating process so they won't stretch later. This makes for a flatter, more compact and stronger fabric that will stay beautiful longer. 

Corradi Pergotenda® B-Space Wall to Wall with custom frame and installed by Miami Awning. Snorkels Bar & Grill, St. Johns US Virgin Island



Move your shade anywhere it needs to be by installing free-standing fixed or retractable canopies. 

Consider a fabric for your canopy that best suits guests' needs: a mesh fabric blocks sun and UV rays while providing natural light, airflow and view through. A waterproof fabric protects against UV and rain.

Soltis® Proof W96 is the best of both worlds: a waterproof fabric that blocks rain, sun and heat but is also translucent, allowing natural light to pass through. 


Whistle Britches
Universal Screens retractable enclosure with Soltis Proof 502 border, installed by North Texas Shade, Whistle Britches Restaurant, Dallas, TX  ©JoBeth Photography



Depending the day's weather, choose a climate controlled space or an outdoor space with a retractable enclosure. Either way, guests can still feel connected to the outside with clear center panels.

Fabric enclosures are much quicker to install than brick and mortar enclosures, and cost significantly less. Depending the area, there are also fewer requirements for city approvals. 

A border with fire retardant Soltis® Proof 502, available in 40 colors, can integrate into any design or mood. Soltis Proof 502 is dimensionally stable thanks to its patented and exclusive Precontraint® technology, so the panels will not stretch or distort over time. UV and mold resistant, Soltis Proof 502 has a 10 year warranty to stay beautiful while keeping guests comfortable for many years to come. 

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