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Popular Wide-Width Woven Screen for Zip Blinds Now Available in North America

Excellent transparency of Soltis Veozip
Made with hemp fiber for a natural appearance, Soltis Veozip gets high marks from designers and fabricators for beautiful design with excellent view-through

Soltis® Veozip is the newest shade mesh from Serge Ferrari North America that combines the quality and long-term performance of Serge Ferrari’s Soltis® range with a textile look and feel. Specifically designed for outdoor zipper blinds, Soltis Veozip’s natural hemp fiber composition is woven with 3 different color yarns giving the fabric a natural, warm and trendy tone-on-tone aesthetic matching with all standard aluminum pergola and façade frames.

With an openness factor of 5%, Soltis Veozip provides sun, wind and heat protection while maintaining excellent view-through. Compared with fiberglass equivalents, Soltis Veozip is easier to use in fabrication, and easier to maintain after installation. It offers better tensile and tear strength to withstand flapping and other stressors that can cause permanent deformation. It is also meets all fire retardancy requirements for public-space and hospitality use.

Sold through Serge Ferrari’s Florida warehouse, Soltis Veozip is available in 15 colors and is phthalate free as well as GreenGuard certified for indoor air quality. As is the case with all Soltis® mesh fabrics, Soltis Veozip may be used in both warp and weft directions for simpler fabrication and less waste. Front and back sides also have a similar appearance to, again, minimize fabrication mistakes. Soltis Veozip is available in 114 and 125.9 inch wide rolls, may be sewn or welded, and comes with a 10 year warranty for performance.

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