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Gamme Flexlight
Public modular structures
Industrial modular structures

Perform 502 S2 and 702 S2

Flexlight Perform 502 S2 and 702 S2 offer a very high level of translucency for unrivalled weight/mechanical and aesthetic performance for all tent types. S2 varnish and No Wick treatment ensure lasting whiteness and resistance to the most demanding environments (dust, pollution, UV, etc.). These Type 1 fireproof fabrics are ideal for public use tents: frame, kedar, pole and clearspan.
High dimensional stability
thanks to Précontraint technology
Long life span and low maintenance
no wicking & S2 varnish
Excellent transmission of natural light
Halls and lightweight structures

Halls and lightweight structures

High quality applications

High quality applications and inflatable structures


Translucent white

502-8604 S2

Translucent white

702-8604 S2
Technical specifications
  502 S2 702 S2 Standards
Weight 17.4 oz/yd2  22.1 oz/yd2  EN ISO 2286-2
 Width 98.4 in / 105.1 in 98.4 in / 105.1 in  
Standard format length 54.6 yds / 328 yds 54.6 yds / 328 yds  
Visible light transmission 17% 13.5%  
Tensile strength 290/290 lbs/in 290/290 lbs/in ASTM D751, Cut strip
Tear strength 32/32 lbs 41/32 lbs ASTM D751, Trapezoid
Finish Weldable S2 fluorinated varnish Weldable S2 fluorinated varnish  
Flame retardancy Method 1&2/ NFPA 701 • CSFM T19 • CLASS A/ ASTM E84 • CAN/ ULC-S109-14 Method 2/NFPA 701 • CSFM T19 • CAN/ ULC-S109-14  
Warranty 5 years 7 years  
Certification GreenGuard Gold certified GreenGuard Gold certified  
  • ATS (Air Tension System): Unique tension system for perfectly taut fabrics
  • Cut length
  • Short production runs