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Serge Ferrari Releases Healthcare Cleaner Compatibility List

Serge Ferrari Response to Pandemic

Serge Ferrari, manufacturer of technical & performance flexible composite materials, has tested its silicone coated fabrics, Stamskin® One and Stamoid® Smart, against the most common and aggressive cleaners used in North American hospitals and healthcare facilities with excellent results, thus enabling the company to contribute in answering the current pandemic crisis. Serge Ferrari is making this Healthcare Cleaner Compatibility List available as a resource for any projects requiring such resistance, such as the manufacturing of hospital equipment covers (rolling workstations, ventilators, etc), portable hospital partitions/screens, bed covers, storage bags (personal items, equipment, face shields, etc.), medical aprons/smocks, food cart covers and much more.

Stamskin One and Stamoid Smart, both silicone-coated polyester jerseys, offer many cleaning benefits over traditional fabric materials. The silicone coating that is inherently antimicrobial provides a 100% waterproof, ultra-slick surface making it extremely difficult for dirt to attach. The aggressive chemicals found in many healthcare cleaners will break down the yarns or outer coating of most fabrics quickly, making the environment unsanitary and unsightly, and requiring early replacement and increased costs. Choosing a fabric that can withstand these aggressive cleaners not only extends the usefulness of the cover, drape or bag, but makes for a more sanitary environment, safer for all who come in contact with the space.

Stamskin One and Stamoid Smart are highly-flexible, sewable fabrics that are ultra-lightweight and compact for easy storage. Both products are stocked and available for immediate shipment from Serge Ferrari’s Deerfield Beach, Florida warehouse location as well as through the company’s distribution network, including Trivantage, Miami Corp, Bainbridge, Manart Hirsch, Keyston Bros, Reliatex, Rex Pegg, Stinson, LaSalle Canvas and George Jackson.

To receive a copy of the Stamskin® One and Stamoid® Smart Healthcare Cleaner Compatibility Lists, contact your distributor, or Serge Ferrari directly at

Initiated in early February, the Serge Ferrari COVID-19 Global Response Team has only one goal: to provide the most useful materials in all the areas of the world where they are needed most. Serge Ferrari North America has been importing tent, tarp and cover materials from France and Switzerland at unprecedented rates. Additionally, Serge Ferrari’s Research & Development team are working urgently to adapt some of our products in order to answer the pandemic.