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New names for Serge Ferrari products

Serge Ferrari products

Serge Ferrari is continuously looking to innovate and improve - our products, our service and our communication - to meet your needs and enhance your projects.

In 2017, we carefully reviewed our product offering and found ways to improve. To enable rapid understanding of what our products do and how they are different, we have renamed many of our products to include a Range Name, a Product Differentiator, and a Product Number. 

Range Name: Each product is now grouped and renamed by its market. For example, all products used in the solar protection market now fall under ONLY the Soltis brand. The popular awning fabric Precontraint 502 Satin has been renamed Soltis Proof 502. 

Product Differentiator: where practical, we have also added a descriptor to each name to position it within the range. For example, Soltis Proof 502 is aptly named because it is a waterproof product. Soltis Horizon 86 is the mesh with the greatest view-thru. 

Product Number: In most cases, the product numbering has remained the same, to maintain consistency with previous naming. 

While the names have changed, the products themselves have not.  You can expect all the same performance and aesthetic characteristics from the Serge Ferrari products you have come to trust over the last 30 years. 

For a complete list of "before" and "after" names, please see the list below. Contact us if you have any questions. 

Solar Protection

Former naming New naming
Soltis 86 Soltis Horizon 86
Soltis 88 Soltis Harmony 88
Soltis 92 Soltis Perform 92
Soltis 99 Soltis Master 99
Soltis 88 LowE Soltis Feel 88 LowE
Soltis 99 LowE Soltis Feel 99 LowE
Soltis SK 20 Soltis Safe SK20
Soltis B92 Soltis Opaque B92
Soltis B99 Soltis Opaque B99
Soltis B990 Soltis Opaque B990
Soltis B702 Soltis Opaque B702
Stam 6002 Soltis Opaque 6002 
Soltis W96 Soltis Proof W96
Précontraint 502 Satin Soltis Proof 502
Stam 6002L Soltis Proof 6002L


Tensile architecture

Précontraint 702 S2 Flexlight Perform 702 S2
Précontraint 902 S2 Flexlight Advanced 902 S2
Précontraint 1002 S2 Flexlight Advanced 1002 S2
Précontraint 1202 S2 Flexlight Advanced 1202 S2
Précontraint 1302 S2 Flexlight Advanced 1302 S2
Précontraint 1502 S2 Flexlight Advanced 1502 S2
Précontraint TX30 Flexlight Xtrem TX30
Précontraint 702 Opaque Flexlight Dualtone 702 Opaque
Précontraint 1002 Opaque Flexlight Dualtone 1002 Opaque
Précontraint 1202 Opaque Flexlight Dualtone 1202 Opaque


Bioclimatic facade

Soltis FT 381 Frontside View 381
Soltis FT 371 Frontside Print 371



Batyline Aw Alphalia Silent Aw
- Alphalia Silent Aw 80


Modular structures

Précontraint 402 Flexlight Classic 402
Précontraint 602 Flexlight Classic 602
Précontraint 502 S2 Flexlight Advanced 502 S2
Précontraint 702 S2 Flexlight Advanced 702 S2
Précontraint 602 Opaque Flexlight Classic 602 Opaque
Précontraint 702 S2 Opaque Flexlight Perform 702 S2 Opaque
Précontraint 702 S2 Metal Alu Flexlight Perform 702 S2 Opaque Alu
Stam 6002 Opaque Flexlight Lodge 6002 Opaque
Précontraint 402 HT Flexlight Lighting 402 HT
- Flexlight Thermic 412
Precontraint 412 Flexlight Thermic 412 Opaque


Visual Communication

Expolit 456 Decolit Reverse 456
Decolit 251 Decolit Master 251
Decolit BW 251 Decolit Master Black  251


Environment & Security

Precontraint 1205 Biobrane Aqua 1205
Precontraint 392 S2 Protect Meshes 392 S2
Precontraint 492 S2 Protect Meshes 492 S2
Precontraint 705 Protect Cover 705
Precontraint 705 LT Protect Cover 705 LT
Defender 7763 Protect Secure 7763
Defender 7765 Protect Secure 7765
Defender 7772 Protect Secure 7772