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Our technologies

Serge Ferrari technologies
Serge Ferrari has been creating innovative products that offer high added value for its customers since 1973. This constant quest for excellence means that today, we master all the technologies involved in the production of effective, high quality, flexible composite materials.

Précontraint technology

Précontraint technology, protected by a worldwide patent, enables the production of flexible composite materials with exceptional dimensional properties, way above the industry's usual standards.
Précontraint technology consists in applying a coating under bi-axial tension (along both the warp and the weft) throughout the manufacturing cycle: the flexible frame made from high tenacity PET micro-cables is coated with several layers of polymers, followed by a dirt resistant surface treatment.
The materials using Précontraint technology thus acquire unique properties in terms of resistance, dimensional stability and light weight, eliminating deformation due to load and offering a longer useful life.


La technologie Précontraint

Smart Yarn Technology

Smart Yarn technology enables the production of composite yarns with greater flexibility in development, providing a unique advantage when the product is used for certain dynamic markets such as furniture.
This technology allows the combination of a central core, providing the desired mechanical properties, and a sheath, providing the desired appearance, finish, toughness and resistance.

La technologie Smart Yarn

Smart Coating Technology

Smart Coating technology enables the manufacture of products with outstanding properties.


  • Products that look and feel like leather with high resistance to abrasion and chemical attack for a long service life.
  • Ideal for intensive-use applications in public places or demanding environments such as airports, hospitals, etc.
  • Smart Coating reduces product weight (for example in the yachting sector) and ensures greater flexibility.
  • This technology enables the production of products with a foamy appearance with unique insulation and impermeability properties.
  • A wide variety of coating polymers (PVC, PU, Acryl, Silicone, etc.) are also used.
  • The final appearance of the product can even be modified by embossing.
La technologie Smart Coating

Smart Lam Technology

Smart Lam is the latest technology to be incorporated into our group.
This assembly technology enables the production of composite materials by complexing.
The possibility of varying the materials used in a flexible production system allows the design of innovative products and the addition of performance properties to our flexible composite materials.

La technologie Smart Lam