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Tensile architecture


STFE is a revolutionary solution for creating light-filled spaces.
Its polyarylate mesh provides structural strength to large free span designs, minimizing the need for additional supporting structure. With light transmission of 50%, STFE provides an outdoor feeling and enables grass and other plants to grow.

Structural strength
The polyarylate mesh provides structural strength for large free span designs
As a building skin, STFE disappears and becomes transparent to leave only views to the horizon
Light transmission
50% light transmission - glass-life effect for optimal daylighting performance and plant growth
Hall in stfe serge ferrari

For an open-air feeling: Walkways, malls, skylights, atriums.


Natural light and UV transmission: Stadiums, arenas

Pedestrian protection: Walkways, pedestrian paths

Natural light and UV transmission: Zoos, botanical gardens, greenhouses



Technical specifications

As a building skin, STFE disappears and becomes transparent to leave only views to the horizon.

  Technical properties* Standards
Product Code  7902  
Material composition Outer surface : Transparent hybrid fluoropolymer
Inner surface : polyarylate mesh
Weight 26.5 oz/yd² / 900 g/m²  EN ISO 2286-2
Width 61 inch / 155 cm  
Tensile strength (warp/weft) 457/457 lb/in / 400/400 daN/5cm EN ISO 1421
Tear strength (warp/weft) 180/180 lb / 80/80 daN/5cm DIN 53.363
Elongation at break (warp/weft) 4.6% / 3.5% EN ISO 1421
Crease fold resistance 100% ASTM D4851
Flame retardancy
Rating Method 2/NFPA 701 — T19 / CSFM — Class A/ASTM E84
Euroclass B, s1-d0 EN 13501-1
Thermal, Solar Optical & Acoustic properties
Heat transfer coefficient (vertical/
5.6 / 6.4 W/sqm.°C Calculated
Visible Light Transmittance (Tv) Tv n-h=53% EN 410
Direct Tv (view through) Tv n-n=46% EN 410
Visible Light Reflexion (Rv) 7% EN 410
Solar Transmittance (Ts) 54% EN 410
Solar Reflexion (Rs) 7% EN 410
Solar factor (g) 64% EN 410
UV transmittance (T uv-A)
                             (T uv-B)
EN 410
PAR Photosynthetic Activ Radiation 50% (all wavelengths)  
Acoustic weakening index ~12 dB A ISO 140-3 & ISO 717-1
Certifications, Labels, Warranty
ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / 10 year warranty
*The technical data above are averaged values with a +/- 5% tolerance.
The buyer of our products is fully responsible for their application and their transformation with regard to any possible third party. The buyer of our products is responsible for their implementation and installation according to the standards, workmanship and safety regulations in force in destination countries. For information on our contractual warranty, please refer to the relevant terms and conditions. The values quoted above represent results of tests performed in compliance with common design practices and are provided for information only to enable customers to make the best use of our products. Our products are subject to changes based on technical advances and we reserve the right to modify their characteristics at any time. The buyer of our products is responsible for checking the validity of the above data.

HANDLING PRECAUTION : STFE membrane is delivered with a protective film which one must keep as long as possible during the STORAGE OF THE JUMBO ROLL. THE FILM MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE WELDING and INSTALLATION. STFE membrane must be packed with care and transported as rolls and not bundles to avoid crushed folds which could generate unsightly marks by transparency.

HF WELDING : consider the STFE COVERT TAPE as part of the STFE Fabrication requirement for the warranty.
Details available in the Technical Guide.
Success stories
Istanbul airport, walkway in STFE

IGA Istanbul Airport – Pedestrian Walkway

Tensile architecture
stfe product Serge Ferrari

Grand Palais Ephémère

Tensile architecture
Horatio hospital in STFE Serge Ferrari

Horatio's garden: Hospital & Botanical garden

Tensile architecture