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Whistleblowing procedure

Whistleblowing procedure

whistleblowing procedure
Serge Ferrari Group updated its whistleblowing procedure in 2023, in order to strengthen the measures in place to fight against any situation that could be identified as unusual.

This procedure is aimed both at employees and at the company's stakeholders, who are encouraged to report without delay any suspicious or worrying situation they witness or experience. 

Reasons for reporting include :  

1. All cases of serious and/or imminent danger; 

2. Any violation of the law or of an international commitment, or any attempt at concealment; 

3. Any threat or harm to the public interest; 

4. Any violation of a Group charter or code of conduct (corruption, money laundering, discrimination, harassment, workplace safety); 

5. Any violation of the protection of public health, the environment, privacy, personal data or the security of information systems; 

6. Violations of consumer protection, product safety and conformity. 

To report a problem to the company, you can : 

The alert will then be studied collectively by the members of the Committee and reported on as soon as possible. 

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