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CSR reports

rapports RSE Serge Ferrari
Our background and beliefs correspond to a constant innovation approach. Our industrial activity is analysed in detail and the results are published annually in our CSR report.

This report lists the main impacts that we generate and the initiatives that we take to limit them, making every effort to adapt our operations to a circular economy approach.

These reports express our progress, as measured by legible, measurable and comparable data. We ask the parties that work with us on major projects to report their progress as well. Our respect for these experts and our discussions guide our efforts.

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csr report 2022CSR Report 2021






Rapport RSE 2016

  CSR report 2016: To do or not to do…
  Our third report discusses the issue of the profitability of CSR…





Rapport RSE 2015

CSR report 2015: A little lightheartedness... and realism
Our second report discusses the stakes of a perma-circular economy.





Rapport RSE 2014

CSR report 2014: This is not an exercise! (French only)
Our first report attempts to be more than just the simple exercise of writing a CSR report…