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Our commitments


Our vision

Serge Ferrari’s history and expansion have been shaped by the major challenges of the 21st century.

In light of current climate and environmental issues, the construction and housing industry have a key role to play. With construction and building occupation accounting for nearly half of energy demand and a third of greenhouse gas emissions, building techniques and materials are being questioned. The challenge is clear, but difficult to address: maintaining the same level of performance in the future, while reducing the use of natural resources for a less impactful and more durable construction industry. And yet the growing demand for natural resources continues on a trend that outpaces the growth of the world’s economies. Which is why doing better with less is no longer an option. It is our duty.
The challenge to achieve better construction and equipment solutions is not solely a matter of environmental sustainability. It is also about addressing health and safety issues by conforming to and anticipating increasingly stringent industry standards and client expectations. And it is about contributing to the transformation of people’s life and work environments. Products that improve thermal, acoustic and visual comfort while respecting the aesthetics of the architecture or spaces are now basic requirements when designing or constructing buildings.

These changes offer a unique opportunity to shake things up and give priority to alternative construction and equipment solutions, more efficient, safer and more virtuous. This would also echo the needs of individuals or businesses looking to give meaning to their production, consumption or life choices, and seeking solutions that increasingly combine environmental performance, safety and comfort. With the emergence of new functional, durable and aesthetic materials, the development of lightweight architectural solutions now offers extraordinary perspectives for new technical applications and bold designs.


Our values

Serge Ferrari was built on three values: persistence, loyalty and generosity. These values not only inspire us every day in our work, but have also helped shape principles and rules that guide every employee’s behaviour. Whether in our sales activities through professional ethics, or in our industrial operations through safety rules, our values inform our every action.

- Persistence. Risk-taking and the will to conquer have been decisive elements in Serge Ferrari Group’s entrepreneurial history, along with singular boldness and the capacity to believe, experiment and persevere in our efforts. Whether we are delivering a groundbreaking technology or developing a pragmatic solution to an everyday problem, envisioning new applications or exploring brand new technical challenges, we have the courage to see through our ambitions, our projects and our commitments.

- Loyalty. Another requirement at Serge Ferrari Group is the capacity to state things clearly and be transparent, both internally and externally with our clients and partners. We care about building sincere, straightforward relationships as a way to maximize feelings of belonging and loyalty, create trust and earn the commitment of all those we connect with. It is an essential quality for our company, which from the very start has made collaborations and partnerships the cornerstones of its model.

- Generosity. The habit of paying attention to everyone involved with the company, including in delicate situations, is a fundamental part of the culture of benevolence. Within the company for instance, this is best illustrated by the fact that on every level of the company, all employees are invited to take as much responsibility as possible in their own work. In return, collaborators show remarkable personal and collective commitment. This attention is also evidenced by our major contribution to the world’s efforts to preserve the environment, something we are very proud of.