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building light serge ferrari

Grand Parilly is lit up by the SoltisTouch Initial project

Soltis Touch Color
Soltis Touch
Interior solar protection
Project Participants
Installer : Griesser
Architect : Nicolas Simian from Soho Atlas In Fine agency

The Grand Parilly district located in Vénissieux is an urban project in the Lyon metropolitan area designed to bring everyone living there together. The project's aim is to create a vibrant new district created by successfully interweaving shops, workplaces and leisure activities. The new office building called "Initial", located between the new Ikea store and the site of the upcoming Leroy Merlin shop, was designed to represent this new district by means of its unique visibility from the Lyon ring road, used by 140,000 vehicles every day.

The 8,800 m2 H-shaped building is characterised by its subtle composition of facades. The north facade, which can be seen from the ring road, is divided into four large asymmetrical urban windows, each with their own distinctive heights and angles to make individualised contributions to the whole. The resulting architectural volume gives the visual impression of four bodies springing up in a sparkling urban allegory. Lighting highlights the dynamism of this form by both day and night to make this building a powerful urban landmark for the newly designed neighbourhood.

soltis touch canvas

SoltisTouch canvas blinds give a powerful presence to the illuminated scenography designed by the Soho Atlas In Fine agency's architects. The lighting is provided by LED strips embedded in the floor and positioned at the edge of the slab directly below the blinds. The SoltisTouch range's Jasmine coloured high solar reflection performance provides outstanding illumination of the facade. The LED lighting is programmed in long cycles (of 30 minutes) where the white intensity and temperature vary to create different moods throughout the evening.

toile store interieur serge ferrari

The choice of Serge Ferrari interior blinds was essential to meet the specifications of promoter Fontanel and architecture agency Soho Atlas In Fine : the thermal performance of SoltisTouch earning much acclamation for this building, including "excellent" BREEAM certification. Furthermore, the SoltisTouch acoustic qualities will further contribute to occupants' overall comfort.

Serge Ferrari was also able to match the project's requirements by supplying particularly large-size blinds. Their various widths for covering both small and large windows in one piece bring rhythm to the interior space and the absence of visible welding, which was in line with the architect's desire to maintain aesthetic continuity throughout the project. All the blinds are motorized and rolled up in boxes fixed to the ceiling or wall. The preparation and installation were carried out by our partner customer Griesser.

More informations on architect agency Soho Atlas In Fine 

Nicolas Simian
Architect at Soho Atlas In Fine

"Light itself is invisible and can only be seen through the surfaces reflecting it.
The canvas blinds on the north facade provide a background. At night, they light up and give the four large urban windows a magical appearance."