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Serge Ferrari's contribution to the success of the EasyJet hangar at Gatwick airport

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Design and Manufacture: Rubb Buildings Ltd
Serge Ferrari membranes were recently used by Rubb Buildings Ltd to build the new EasyJet hangar in Gatwick Airport's North Terminal.

Rubb Buildings Ltd recommended Flexlight Classic 402N and Perform 832 membranes for use on the walls and roof of the metal/textile structure of the Gatwick airport hangar.

Flexlight Classic 402N has a number of valuable properties, making it an excellent choice for projects of this kind: excellent durability and weldability, good strength/weight balance. Flexlight Classic 402N is also fireproof and is available in a wide range of colours and translucency coefficients. Flexlight Classic 402N complies with BS EN 15619: 2014, proof of its high quality.

The Flexlight Perform 832 membrane also uses Serge Ferrari's patented "Précontraint" technology, ensuring excellent dimensional stability. This technology offers a number of exclusive advantages, including a thicker coating at the top, making the product more resistant to UV radiation and aggressive weather conditions. It is also easy to clean and complies with a large number of European norms.

hangar aviation

A permanent hangar in a demanding environment

The new installation offers a working area of 5,200m², with a full LED lighting system, ventilation and LPG heating. The double-sloped roof is 91.5m wide and 60m long; the hangar is equipped with all the latest technological innovations for the air industry. The combined use of Flexlight Classic 402N and Perform 832 ensures excellent durability for the structure and unrivalled levels of interior comfort and protection, which is beneficial for both employees and planes.


A word from… Ian Hindmoor
Managing Director à Rubb Buildings Ltd

Rubb Buildings Ltd has a long history of providing high quality buildings for various applications. To maintain our reputation, we were delighted to use Serge Ferrari fabrics in our high-end hangar structure.