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A terrace for all weather conditions thanks to Flexlight Lodge 6002

Excellent life time and textile appearance
Flexlight 6002
Color, Bicolor, Opaque
Lodges and bungalows
Project Participants
Architect / Designer: Gerard van der Velden
Installer: Epic Living
In Eerde, a little village in the Netherlands, Robbert built the cooking studio ‘Culinairro’ onto the back of his house where workshop groups can prepare food and then eat what they have prepared all together. They usually do this indoors, but he wanted to expand the space.

Outside the cooking studio there was a terrace which did not have a roof. They could not sit outside when it was raining or when it was too hot. For that reason, he called our customer ‘Epic Living’ and asked them to make a custom-made shelter so he could use the terrace in any weather conditions. 

They wanted a canopy but not a usual protective canopy, he specifically asked for a ‘one of a kind’. ‘Epic Living’ immediately thought of using Flexlight Lodge 6002 for this project, as one of its main USPs is its high degree of flexibility that allows it to create many shapes and styles.

canopy - glamping tent

In addition to the feature of flexibility that drove ‘Epic Living’ to choose Flexlight Lodge 6002 to create the desired shapes for this project, there were other distinctive features of the fabric that offered further benefits:

Thermal: under this epic living garden shelter, the breeze can still flow as it only has a roof and no walls on either side, so you still feel comfortable
Acoustic: it has the same acoustic characteristics as any other roof, but because of the open sides, the sound from within the structure can escape which contributes to personal acoustic comfort. 
Resistant: with its exceptional dimensional stability, Flexlight Lodge 6002 can withstand all weather conditions, making this membrane the preferred choice of many luxury locations worldwide. 
Aesthetics: it has a unique appearance that makes Flexlight Lodge ‘one of a kind’. It is not a standard canopy fabric but fulfils all the same purposes and much more. The natural appearance and the colours choices within the range make it to be well suited to open-air living. Finally, the surface treatment of the fabric gives it exceptional dirt resistance when compared to standard products that will make the structure look so much better for longer.

So, when ‘Epic Living’ came up with the 3D plan together with the Serge Ferrari membrane the customer approved immediately the project.