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Now Available: New Translucent Waterproof Fabric - Soltis Proof W88

New translucent fabric - Soltis Proof W88
Now available in North America!
Let the natural light shine while protected from rain and UV with Soltis Proof W88.

Serge Ferrari introduces Soltis® Proof W88, a waterproof material for awnings and canopies that is also translucent to allow natural light to shine through.  Developed as a sister product to Soltis Proof W96, Soltis Proof W88 offers a different aesthetic of a square-weave textured pattern compared with W96’s asymmetrical weave pattern. Soltis Proof W88 also allows more natural light to pass through, up to 21%, while still blocking heat, rain, and glare.

Soltis Proof W88 is built with Serge Ferrari’s patented and exclusive Precontraint® technology making it dimensionally stable and resistant to stretching over time, as well as better protected from UV degradation by way of a thicker, more consistent coating. The thinness, dimensional stability and tear strength of Soltis Proof W88 also makes it an excellent fabric to use in retractable systems.

Sold through Serge Ferrari’s Florida warehouse, Soltis Proof W88 is available in 5 colors, is GreenGuard certified for indoor air quality and meets all fire retardancy requirements for public-space and hospitality use. As is the case with all Soltis Precontraint fabrics, Soltis Proof W88 may be used in both warp and weft directions for simpler fabrication and less waste. Soltis Proof W88 is available in 105.1 inch wide rolls, may be sewn or welded, and comes with a 5 year warranty for performance.

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